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B. Arch Batch (2017 – 2022)


After 4 years in BSSA I have evolved as a person not only in terms of academic aspects but in a holistic way. This college has helped me to think out of box and think differently with various perspectives. Here I have developed multidisciplinary skills because of the various electives offered by the college. The school is always up to date with the modern practice of architecture which helps us be future ready. This college has helped me grow and develop as a professional and as a person.

The faculty at the college is approachable and knowledgeable. The professors treat us as colleagues and not students which helps us interact with them more freely. The curriculum is based and modified as per the advancing technology and practice happening throughout the world. The various study tours, workshops and competitions the college exposes us to helps us develop various skills like leadership, software, sketching, imagination, conceptualization etc.

The 5 years we spend in college, we get shaped in a great way. Once we pass out from BSSA we are ready for the industry as we are trained in theoretical and practical aspects of architecture. The entire journey of BSSA has been great for me and I have grown and developed beyond my expectations. I am really grateful that I could be a part of this college.

- Rohan Thakker



Being inclined towards The Architectural field right from during my school days, getting myself enrolled in BSSA was always my dream. During my school days the top notch quality of education in BSSA was many times a topic of discussion amongst friends. Having been blessed with sufficient grades in NATA to qualify for admission in BSSA was like achieving a major mile stone of my life. I could hear from many other friends about their experience with their respective other institutions while doing Architectural degree course, that they found the course is very tedious and tough. However, when I shared my experience at BSSA with them, they were all in a state of shock. BSSA encouraged me to bring out different ideas on the table and discuss with an experienced faculty and professional visiting faculty making us aware of the basic concepts. It has truly been a memorable journey in terms of various practical, aesthetic, and functional aspects, which encompasses values and quality of work spanning the 5 years of academic course.

The architectural study trips have played an important role is giving us an outside exposure and understanding about different structures, their history, and the construction in those years and seamless merging of theory into actual work.

The faculty and the staff have been very co-operative and understanding throughout this 5 years course and the Dean is really the backbone who keeps the college together. I consider myself quite blessed to have BSSA ‘s faculty always be guiding light thought out my career and my professional life .

- Kaushal Suthar



It has been a privilege to be a part of an institute like BSSA which goes beyond conventional pedagogy to allow for the exploration of architecture’s relationship with the world around us. My experience has been incredibly enriching and holistic. Every project has changed my perspective of the world in ways I could not have possibly envisaged. The studios are very design-intensive and focussed on arriving at process-driven outcomes. The faculty is extremely supportive, approachable and professional and regard our ambitions with utmost respect. The various study tours also help in learning outside the bounds of our studios and in gaining fresh and relevant insights into the real world. It is definitely a bittersweet feeling as my journey at BSSA comes to an end this year, but I will cherish this place like a second home.

- Ammar Rassai

B. Arch Batch (2016 – 2021)


5 years ago, I chose BSSA as an institution that was going to teach and enrich my design and architecture skills, little did I know it’s going to add much more meaning and value to my life. It is not an architectural school, it's a school of thought which helps one to explore and mould oneself in their growing years. Founder, Prof.Chhaya’s vision has set the school apart in its pedagogy.
Nothing- the work, the people, the space, I would trade nothing I gained in these 5 years, with anything. The wholesome curriculum, which even though looked tedious from the outside, was the very same structure that made us who we are today- to think for yourself and have your own identity in design// anything creative- That’s BSSA. To allow and help us look at the world with a different personal lens, is something none of us will ever forget.
With amazing staff and faculty, I don't think I could have asked for more. We were not only taught what is trending globally but the travels with college, made us experience so much more.
Going to be forever grateful to this institution and its people to give me what I got and to make me a better human being. I can confidently say, I'm ready for the world, to take it in my stride and design for a better world.

- Jeeya Savani



BSSA was a wonderful place that provided unique design learning experiences and exposure to many different forms and approaches towards architecture and design. The first 2 years were very form oriented- through installations as well as at an architectural scale, which aimed at boosting our creativity towards experimenting with forms. In our third semester we were actually provided a budget to build a few of our designs at a large scale as an installation for an exhibition at our college. This was a very valuable experience, learning to procure and deal with materials, labour, and other services required to build an actual installation.

The next two years focused more on different typologies and approaches towards designing at an architectural scale, with the type and scale getting larger each semester. Here we were exposed to a new design mentor each semester, who taught us their own unique and contemporary way to approaching design. The last year for our thesis, we were given the freedom to choose a design mentor of our choice, to explore a topic of our liking within design and architecture. This was a good opportunity to build up our own research for a specialised field, area, typology or topic within architecture.

Moreover with this well planned curriculum, we were exposed to a range of competitions and electives to pursue other topics of interest. One of the notable exhibitions was the Kala ghoda arts festival 2020, where our batch produced 5 installations. BSSA helped us and guided us throughout the process. Along with this, BSSA plans interesting study trips, local and international, which expose us to very distinct styles of communities and architecture, and teaches us a lot In the process.
The well planned curriculum along with these extra set of activities and trips provided by BSSA, provides a student with a very holistic and complete education within the field of architecture and design. This education is not limited, but open ended enough for a student to pursue further education, work, or research in a field of their liking later on.

- Arya Gupta

B. Arch  Batch (2015 – 2020)


"At BSSA I have undergone a comprehensive development as a person in the field of Architecture. Apart from developing skill sets with respect to work, presentation skills, management of time and network building is something I have learnt over time.

Post my research tour to the U.S.A in 2018, I have concluded that the language of design adopted at BSSA is similar to any other University abroad, even at the post graduate level, hence, it gets very easy for a student to adapt to a new atmosphere.

I have been encouraged to experiment with materials, forms, graphics, presentation styles, styles in illustration, mediums of illustration and approach towards design. 5 years at BSSA provides me with manifold opportunities to explore varieties of techniques to design, execute and fabricate my ideas.

Study tours have played a very important part in my process of learning, invigorating my belief of learning through travelling. Visits at various locations have proved to be extremely inspirational.
I have always appreciated the school's respect towards consistency and experimentation. With the faculty being immoderately approachable, learning has always been a pleasure.

With the school completing 10 years in 2018, I take pride in mentioning that BSSA has built an evident network around the globe."

 To check out my work at BSSA, Instagram- @theashutoshlohana_workspace

- Ashutosh Lohana



I am in the fourth year of BSSA. If you are looking for something out of the box, then this is the appropriate place for you. The approach we have at BSSA is something that sets it apart from the rest. The approach is extremely profound yet sensitive at the same time. The school is completely open to ideas and is updated, not only when it comes to students, but also faculty. The on campus and off campus activities are way advanced and refined.

We at BSSA learn things beyond architecture. The faculty at BSSA focuses on inculcating in their pupils an attitude of critical thinking. The transition from a fresher to a B Arch is phenomenal. One starts to develop a different perspective which he/she would not even have thought of, as per my personal experience. I believe it not only changes your mind set and perspective but also changes you as a person. It makes you stronger than you are, in all aspects.

It is a great place to grow and develop in. The work that we produce at the end of 5 years is equivalent to international standards. Once you pass out of BSSA, you are an entire package, full of confidence and passion. I declare proudly to be a part of Balwant Sheth School of Architecture.

 - Ridhi Shah



College plays a very important role in shaping a students future and that's what exactly BSSA is doing in my life. Since the college is diversely cultured with respect to people and choice of subjects association with this college for past three years has helped me critically analyze my capabilities and gradually shape them to the best of my expertise. It has stressed me to the importance of thinking critically and be questionable to every situation that occurred. It is always an amazing experience when you get a feeling of warmth and oneness right from the supreme authority to the teachers. As students we are very fortunate to experiment new things with full support and acceptance and hence it bought the best out of me. I could perform beyond my expectations throughout these three years. In future i would never hesitate to recommend BSSA to any bright student.

- Henna Gala



In BSSA, we have a very interesting way of learning. The broad spectrum of projects, assignments and case studies really help us in develop our skill. The course structure also makes it very relatable/familiar to Architecture education and practice abroad. Approachable and friendly faculty along with good infrastructure and services makes BSSA a great place to learn in.

- Jill Deliwala


B. Arch  Batch (2014 – 2019)



I'm currently in my final year at BSSA. Across the last four years, the college has helped shape my outlook by instilling in me the advantages of a perspective driven approach.
My experiences with the design studios have kept a constant stream of ideas coming my way. In the extremely technologically driven environment around us the college proved to be a unique hub providing me a balanced working environment that focuses on acquiring skills and understanding concepts that were previously well beyond my direct surrounding.

- Parshav Sheth



BSSA as an institution nurtures its students , not just as future architects but designers with very radical yet sensitive unique approaches to various concerns. The teaching methods at BSSA are deeply rooted in development of a concept rather than directly jumping to design and thus gives the students a very different experimental outlook that is different from other architecture students. The faculty and the kind of subjects taught in this college ensure that each student gets enough exposure to the current advancements in architecture and the constructive criticisms from the faculty ensure the same is reflected in our designs. BSSA is not only a college but a family that allows for academic as well as personal growth.

- Krishna Jani



My experience in BSSA has been tremendous. I am proud to be a part of this college which has helped me to outgrow myself as a person and learn the broader perspective of life. The faculty and the staff have been very co-operative throughout these years nd the dean is really the backbone who keeps the college together. I consider myself quite blessed to have BSSA as my second family.

- Damini Gudhka


B. Arch  Batch (2013 – 2018)



Being a student since 2013, NMIMS' BSSA had always been a reference in my education long before I decided to study here as it is not only well known for its stronghold on being a design intensive institution, but it also focuses on the conceptual aspects of architecture.
No matter which facet of architecture you are interested in, I was given the freedom to explore, understand, learn and excel at it to define my own style of design and develop strong personal skill sets. The programme provides a dynamic environment for holistic learning, as the course structure is a combination of theoretical and process based practical understanding about design and the importance of functionality of architecture. In-depth 'core' studios like Foundation Workshop, Architectural Design and Theory of Design are instrumental in challenging you creatively and intellectually. The varied domestic and international study trips throughout the academic session provided exposure to my perception of different cultures, people, art and technology.
It's an environment that taught me to be passionate about design, make decisions, and be responsible for my own actions and work. Meticulous organisation, critical thinking, time management and overlapping and synchronising work are some conducive qualities that are instilled in you along the five year long journey. For me, this is a place where I learned to be myself, where I learned from others, where you help each other grow and ideate, be it during rigorous overnights before juries or unwinding in the library working on winning competitions.

- Anushka Karnawat



Being a student of the renowned NMIMS' Balwant Sheth School of Architecture (BSSA), Mumbai, a premier institution that has helped us to fulfil my passion and has made us reach our highest potential. BSSA is one of its kind, the way they teach and give us the exposure has made us develop a systematic and comprehensive understanding towards architecture. The foundational courses such as Structural and Material Design, Construction Technology and Architectural Design, are so different from the rest of the colleges, that we realised architecture not only gives importance to aesthetics, but also to the functionality and practicality which are equally essential. The curriculum has fostered a conducive environment for creative thinking through various studio programs, analytical exercises and design-based charrette. The intensive program has moulded us into a dedicated and a progressive student and has instilled the values of time management, hard work and team building.

- Rashi Lalji



I joined Balwant Sheth School of Architecture in 2013. It was the environment in BSSA that taught me to be myself, learn from others and help each other grow rather than being competitive. I got to form opinions on a great variety of topics, and BSSA instilled in me a desire to be a critical member of the society at large, both questioning and reacting to the changes in the world. BSSA not only offers every student the historical and technical aspects of architecture, but it especially focuses on the concepts behind buildings, and sees architecture and design as much broader intellectual fields.

- Abhijit Karwa



BSSA to me will never be just a school. It's the sum total of all the memories and relationships I've made over the course of an unforgettable 5 year journey. Right from the day I joined to the day I left, I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm from the amazing faculty and the forever supportive staff. I can safely say that with their support and guidance, I have grown into a more confident individual, determined to take what I learned at my time at BSSA, and make it count.

- Adeeb Dholkia

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