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Prof. Ar. Aparna Surve
Dean at Balwant Sheth School of Architecture

Specialization: Architecture & Design
Masters in Industrial Design from IDC (Industrial Design Center), IIT, Mumbai



Ms. Vidya Raghu

B.Arch., M.Arch.



Mrs. Nidhi Shenai
Associate Professor

G.D.Arch , M.Arch. (Project management)



Ms. Tapan Mittal Deshpande
Associate Professor

B.Arch., M.Arch.



Ms. Shriya Sandip Bhatia
Associate Professor

B.Arch., M.Arch.



Ms. Mugdha Pravin Vanarase
Associate Professor

B.Arch , M.Arch. (Building Conservation)



Mr. Shishiir Saawant
Associate Professor

G.D.Arch, B.Arch and M.Arch( Environmental Architecture)



Ms.Dhanashri Sawant
Associate Professor

B. Arch, PG. Dip. Landscape Architecture



Mr. Atrey Trilochan Chhaya
Programme Chair B.Arch., M.Arch. & Assistant Professor

B.Arch , M.Arch. (Architecture& Urbanism)



Ms. Dipal Yogesh Kothari
Programme Chair B.A.(Hons.)IED & Assistant Professor

B.Arch , M.Arch. (Architectural Design)



Ms. Prakriti Mehta
Assistant Professor

B.Arch ,M.Arch (urban Design)



Ms. Prachi Donde
Assistant Professor

B.Arch , M.Arch./MUD (Urban Design)



Ms. Arti Daga
Assistant Professor

B.Arch , PGPCM



Ms. Dhwani Shanghvi
Assistant Professor

B.Arch., M.Arch. (Theory & Design)



Ms. Tanima Shrivastava
Assiatant Professor

B.Arch., M.Arch. (Landscape Architecture)



Ms. Vidhi Kamal Jobanputra
Assistant Professor

B.Arch., M.Arch. - Pursuing



Ms. Pranali Patel
Assistant Professor




Mr. Dhruv Seth
Assistant Professor




Mr. Kuwalsanam Chintala
Assistant Professor




Mr. Ajit Prabhu
Senior Adjunct Professor




Ms. Saritha Gopalkrishnan
Assistant Professor

G.D.Arch., M.Arch. - Pursuing



Ms. Bhavleen Kaur
Assistant Professor

B.Arch., M.Arch



Mr. Sohil Soni
Assistant Professor

Bachelor of Architecture, Specialization: Architecture Design





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