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membership and loan privileges


Students of the Institute are members of the Library and will be issued library card at library circulation desk.

Faculty & Administrative Staff

On appointment as full time faculty or administrative staff, he/she automatically becomes a member of the library.

Visiting Faculty

Visiting faculty are required to enroll as a member by submitting a duly filed in library membership form available at the library circulation desk. Visiting faculty will be issued library card on application in the prescribed form. The card will remain in force till the period of his/her teaching.

Loan Privileges

Category - Entitlement - Loan Period

  • Full Time Faculty - 2 book issued(Entitlement) - 30 Days
  • Administrative Staff - 1 book(Entitlement) - 10 Days(Loan Period)
  • Visiting Faculty - 1 book(Entitlement) - 2 Days(Loan Period)

Audio/Video materials and periodicals are strictly to be viewed in the library only.

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