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students speak

Huzefa Panvelwala, First Year Architecture

BSSA is unique from the other colleges of architecture in that it works on an analytical background rather than a theoretical one. It also prepares the students for their future practical life rather than just giving them projects to work on. In simple words I would say BSSA is much more like any leading architectural firm than just a school.

Aditi Chaudhary, First Year Architecture

BSSA has devised innovative techniques get students involved in each and every way. Students receive first-hand experience through a variety of different projects. The assignments and projects are geared towards building the students’ minds towards an analytical outlook.

Harsh Shah, Second Year Architecture

This school of architecture has created a culture and background of ‘analytical research’ and ‘creativity’ for all the students. It bolsters the caliber of each student to bear and abide with a strong build-up between ‘intellectual aptitude’ and ‘creativity’. The school has provided us with compliant and procedural environment which has been extremely supportive in our field. It has taught us the significance of ‘critical judgment’ and ‘larger perspective’ in finding the solution to design problems. Moreover it teaches us to translate our abstract notions into a simple design which not only reflects our thought-process but also encompasses non-transient ambient of further development. Concisely, it has gone far beyond the archaic conception of architecture which defines an architect as mere designer of a building!

Riddhi Shah, Second Year Architecture

BSSA as a college has grown very fast. I still remember the day when I came to college in its first year and there was nothing but a classroom and a workshop. Today the college has grown to a strength of 160 and it has become the 1st home for all of us. The approach of the college itself is very practical. The faculty members encourage us to think out of the way. . We as designers are now more critical towards analysis The study trips are also a salient feature of our academics. They not only help us to study various typologies but also help us enrich our experiences as designers. Our college has broadened our perspective towards life.

Brinda Kenia, Third Year Architecture

Balwant Sheth School of Architecture aims at providing an education that enhances the thought process by allowing exploration in various fields. Design is seen as an ongoing process that begins with and is continuously fed by observations, analyses and concepts that form narratives which translate into programmatic and formal explorations.

Pranali Patel, Third Year Architecture

Balwant Seth School of Architecture is an institution which is innovative in its approach to design. It trains students not only in academics but hones their thinking skills, training them to be independent architects out in the world. It focuses on a concept based, analytical process for creating design, thus sensitizing the students to their environment.

Dhaval Chheda, Fourth Year Architecture

Creativity is the defeat of habit by original thought. It is in this endless pursuit of architectural expression that BSSA aspires to set a benchmark on a global scale. A holistic approach to design, seeks to impart technical skill sets and an eye for analysis, so that students are able to transform their ideas from the imagined to the real.

Snigdha Agarwal, Fourth Year Architecture

BSSA encourages a work environment of experimentation and an analytical approach to design with the assistance of adequate infrastructure and facilities which persuade the students to grow out of the clichéd notions towards architecture and influence them to create their own niche with this fresh thinking in this field of with abundance of stereotypes.

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